Course Credits

Course Credits

1 Credit / 0.3 CEU

Managing Weight Loss Plateau : Evidence to Practice

2 days

1 module


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Managing Weight Loss Plateau Deck

Additional Readings

Egecioglu - Hedonic and incentive signals for body weight control

Fothergill - Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after The Biggest Loser competition

Hall - Maintenance of lost weight

Heinitz - Early Adaptive Thermogenesis Is a Determinant of Weight Loss

Martins - Metabolic adaptation is an illusion

Martins - Metabolic adaptation is not a major barrier to weight-loss

Reinhardt - A human thrifty phenotype associated with less weight loss during caloric restriction

Alawani - Metabolic Adaptation During Dieting- Concept and Extent

Managing Weight Loss Plateau : Evidence to Practice

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The workshop on Managing Weight loss Plateau was extremely helpful since the faculty shared insights into what exactly is the cause and effect with respect to the subject under discussion. And since there is sufficient evidence to back the claims, the session was an eye opener to many hard facts.

Sumedha Pitre

Sumedha Pitre

INFS Scholar