Code of Ethics

1. Introduction

INFS has instituted the following Code of Conduct for the applicants, candidates and certified persons. The details will be shared with the affected parties through the Candidate Handbook and relevant Terms & Conditions document before award of certificate. In case of breach of conduct, the INFS Ethics and Disciplinary Committee will decide the future course of action which will be binding on the Applicant, Candidate and Certified Person(s).

2. Code of Conduct for certified persons, candidates and applicants

2.1 INFS expects certified persons (i.e. those who receive CNFC certification) to maintain professionalism when working with clients, public and other health and fitness professionals. Every candidate and applicant is expected to uphold INFS Code of Ethics, stated below, throughout the exam process and as a certified professional, once they earn their INFS certification.

2.2 INFS Code of Ethics

Each candidate and Certified Professional promises to:

2.2.1 maintain the highest standards of professional conduct towards clients, public and other health and fitness professionals.

2.2.2 will not be involved in acts of dishonesty, fraud or misrepresentation. 2.2.3 provide a safe environment and effective instruction to all clients.

2.2.3 provide a safe environment and effective instruction to all clients.

2.2.4 only provide consultation to clients with a diagnosed health condition if they are also receiving consultation from a relevant medically licensed physician for their condition, unless the Certified Professional is specifically trained and licensed to do so.

2.2.5 not provide any medical advice, medication recommendation or suggest any change in medication to its clients, unless the Certified Professional is specifically trained and licensed to do so.

2.2.6 not begin to train a client prior to reviewing the latest medical history received from the client.

2.2.7 refer the client to a medical practitioner, when the Certified Professional becomes aware of a client deteriorating health status, undiagnosed illness, injury, pain or discomfort.

2.2.8 maintain the confidentiality of all client information including in conversations, advertisement or in any other circumstance unless otherwise agreed with the client in writing prior to the disclosure or when legally required.

2.2.9 respect and obey all applicable regulations, laws and professional rules.

2.2.10 provide all clients with impartial, fair and equal treatment.

2.2.11 stay updated with latest health and fitness research and understand its application in their practice.

3. By appearing for their exam, candidates are confirming to abide by the INFS Code of Ethics throughout the certification process and in their professional capacity, once they are awarded their certification.

4. Certificate Award and Credentials Use

4.1 Only candidates who pass the certification exam are eligible for using the certification program credentials. INFS will issue a hard copy of the certificate to individuals who earn their certification and will be referred to as Certified Professionals. The validity of Certificate is from date of issue and expiry will be mentioned in the certificate.

4.2 Candidates can use their certification credential as per the certification program completed and use the relevant initials behind their name along with the title as defined in their Certificate award. The utilization of the credentials ought to be in a context and using media consistent with demonstrating professional credentialing, including but not limited to: office signage, resumes, websites, business cards, presentations, introductions, and electronic signatures. INFS credentials may not be used to endorse any product, service, or company; or as a company, product, or brand name.

5. Recertification

5.1 INFS Certified Professionals can willfully keep the status of certification active by fulfilling continuing education requirements as defined for the particular Certification. This is referred to as “recertification”. The purpose of recertification is to ensure that the certified persons credentials stay current with best practices in the fitness and nutrition industry and demonstrate a continued investment in the field of interest.

5.2 Once an INFS certified person’s certification is nearing expiration, the candidate is asked to restore their certification no later than three months of expiry of the existing certification. The candidate can submit their continuing education credits along with the recertification amount to INFS and or if applicable a late fee for the delay.

5.3 Failure to file for recertification before the expiry of the awarded certificate would require them to retake the certification exam in order to maintain their certification.

6. Restoring certification

6.1 Candidates will not be able to renew their certification after completion of one year from the date of expiry. Once the certification is lapsed the candidate will no longer be allowed to use the relevant credentials in any of their signatures or electronic signatures, introductions, resumes, websites, business cards, office signage, or presentations given.

7. Suspending or Withdrawing Certifications

7.1 INFS holds full rights to suspend or withdraw certification if the candidate is found breaching the INFS - Code of Ethics or the Code of Conduct detailed above. A certified person agrees to accept INFS Management Decision in this regard and agrees to refrain from use of relevant credentials in any of their signatures or electronic signatures, introductions, resumes, websites, business cards, office signage, or presentations given, as directed by INFS. A candidate is understood to have accepted this condition when they appear for the CNFC certification exam.

7.2.1.   INFS verifies and provide information, upon request, as to whether an individual holds a current, valid certification and the scope of that certification, except where the law requires such information not to be disclosed.

7.2.2.   INFS has made publicly available without request, information regarding the Scope of the certification scheme in the form of Student’s Handbook which includes the general description of the certification process. The same is a part of the respective certification scheme document and is available on the INFS website.

7.2.3.   All pre-requisites of the certification scheme are listed in the respective Student’s handbook and the same is made publicly available without request on the INFS website.

7.2.4.   Information provided by INFS, including advertising, are accurate and not misleading. 

8.On receiving certification, the Certified Persons agrees to the following terms in addition

8.1 To comply with the relevant provisions of the certification scheme

8.2 To make claims regarding certification only with respect to the scope for which certification has been granted

8.3 Not to use the certification in such a manner as to bring INFS into dispute, and to not make any statement regarding the certification which INFS considers misleading or unauthorized.

8.4 To discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contain any reference to INFS or certification upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, and to return any certificates issued by INFS or any of its divisions.

8.5 Not to use the certificate in a misleading manner